Our Story

Live entertainment is a core part of a thriving city, and whilst Sydney has some wonderful entertainment venues, there is a strong demand for premium venues that can accommodate intimate, theatrical works, comedy, events, and live music. In response, Foundation Theatres has developed the Foundry Theatre, the innovative reimagining of an underutilised backstage area of the Sydney Lyric.

The stage of the Sydney Lyric was originally designed to accommodate large scale repertory opera and ballet. It allowed multiple productions to be performed in the cycle of a single week, with space for two sets that could be deployed in quick succession. Over its 30 year history, the Sydney Lyric has never been used for repertory productions and the rear stage was underutilised.

The team from Foundation Theatres saw the opportunity to embrace this space and turn it into a second theatre. Building a theatre within a theatre is no easy feat, however, after many years of development, a team of expert designers and consultants are helping to make our dream a reality, and construction on the new venue commenced in May 2024.

What's in a name?

Foundry Theatre’s name draws inspiration from a traditional foundry, a space of transformation and creation. As a flexible space that forges creativity, the theatre transforms as if melted down and rebuilt, ready to welcome the next show. The fluid brand identity encapsulates all the functional and emotive qualities of the Foundry Theatre.